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These days, online learning is more important than ever, but it creates new challenges for many students and educators.

That’s why we’ve designed Online Tutoring Essentials: to equip tutors with the critical knowledge they need to support students through better online tutoring experiences.

With modules focused on online session preparation, active learning, goal setting, and communication, this self-paced, interactive course includes everything tutors need to confidently create a collaborative and engaging online tutoring space.

Online Tutoring Essentials was reviewed by faculty and staff from organizations such as West Virginia University, University of Florida University Athletic Association, and Tallahassee Community College.

Online Tutoring Essentials is part of the Tutor Essentials program, the only web-based tutor training course endorsed by College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA), and is specifically aligned to the Association of Colleges for Tutoring and Learning (ACTLA) Online Tutoring Standards

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What's Inside Online Tutoring Essentials?

Session Preparation

Goal Setting


Active Learning to Create Meaningful Engagement


The Online Tutoring Essentials course is a great tool to empower your tutors to move their tutoring skills from face to face to online. I love how it provides tutors with tools they can implement immediately to make their online tutoring more personable and more active.
Jennifer Mandeville Assistant Director, MindFit Academic Enhancement, West Virginia University
This is an excellent new tutor training curriculum that can be implemented immediately.
Julie Loppacher Assistant Director, Epass Tutoring, Emory University
I thought it was very beneficial! Online tutoring at the end of last semester was definitely a learning process. I feel as if the learning module explained a lot of cool features of online tutoring as well as gave good tips on how to make sure communication remains clear and open.
Kaitlyn Kastberg Tutor, Butler University
The quizzes are really strong. The answers made me reflect on the material and ensured that tutors will really read and comprehend the material.
Justine Chasmar Tutoring Coordinator, Academic Success Center, Clemson University

Why choose Online Tutoring Essentials?

With Online Tutoring Essentials, tutors will be able to:

  • Develop their skills anytime, anywhere with on-demand, self-paced training
  • Quickly and seamlessly transition from in-person to 100% online tutoring sessions
  • Apply new tools and techniques to create an engaging online learning environment
  • Navigate the latest in online tutoring best practices, platforms, and technology
  • Troubleshoot tech issues and other online learning pitfalls
  • Deliver quality online tutoring that supports students’ academic success

Flexible Pricing

Training one tutor or training a team? We have pricing options that work for you, starting at $15 per tutor. Plus, when you sign up for an annual license, you’ll get access to an administrative panel where you can easily track and manage training for your tutors all year long. Questions? Contact us to discuss pricing options.



Up to



$350/year (7% discount)

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$675/year (10% discount)

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1275/year (15% discount)

Up to



$1800/year (20% discount)

Up to



$2250/year (25% discount)

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